What is different with the cast for Les Miserables

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I seem to have discovered the difference in the cast of Les Miserables. Some would feel that it's right for the cast, while others feel that this or that person shouldn't be in the film.

Lennie James as Enjolras is one that stood out, it's a first for me to see one who is African American taking on a role that most who are white would have. But farther down the line, their are others who are in the movies or play version who stand out as well.

Three cast members for both the play and 2012 version of Les Miserables got me curious as to who the cast would be. Looking back at who did play work, Nick Jonas as Marius did well with the play version, but having Samantha Barks as Éponine was what made it better. When it came to the movie version, Samantha had no problems. But for me, I was worried about "Who would they get to co-star with a wonderful lady who has played Éponine and to not screw people over. Eddy Redyman was one where I was like "This kid better know what he's doing." Redyman did come through.

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What I also notice was when looking at both the 1998 and 2012 Les Miserables films is how Gavroche is done. Theirs a difference in how it's done: With the 1998 version, Gavroche is seen getting food for him and his brothers, while in the 2012 film, Gavroche is only seen with about 3 boys prior to joining the uprising outside of Lamarque's house. How both characters die is the same, but their positions is done differently. From the 1998 version, you see Gavroche hopping from one dead soldier to another gathering ammo, but once he's killed, he is not only picked up, but brought inside of a building before the final battle. Where as in the 2012 version, the head of the guards gives the barricade a final warning before taking down the barricade itself and killing others. Who plays Gavroche is different as well: Shane Hervey (1998) and Daniel Huttleston (2012).

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With Marius, it's no surpise where the loyalty lays: While the Marius in 1998 is more towards wanting to be with Cosette all day and night, the 2012 Marius has a heart breaking decisions: Trying to stay with Cosette or fight for the cause. Seems both boys have learned that some can win and some can lose.

For now

That's all that I have noticed for now. But if I have more, then I'll post again

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