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"The Well Scene"
The Well Scene

Claude-Michel Schönberg


Herbert Kretzmer


Little Cosette
Jean Valjean

Song Order

"Master of the House"


"The Bargain / The Thénardier Waltz of Treachery"


An illustration from the novel: Jean Valjean finds Cosette in the woods.

"The Well Scene" takes place in Montfermeil, 1823. Little Cosette is carrying a bucket of water in the woods alone in the dark after Madame Thénardier sends her to fetch water, and Jean Valjean finds her there.

The lyrics were written by Herbert Kretzmer.


[Little Cosette is walking in the woods. She turns around and suddenly sees Valjean.]

Valjean: Hush now,
Do not be afraid of me.
Don't cry,
Show me where you live.
Tell me my child, what is your name?

[He holds out his hand, and Little Cosette takes it.]

Little Cosette: I'm called Cosette.

[Valjean takes the bucket and they both walk to the inn, singing along the way.]

1985 Previews lyrics:

YOUNG COSETTE There is a castle on a cloud,  I like to go there in my sleep. Ain’t any floors for me to sweep...

VALJEAN Don’t be afraid of me, my dear,  Tell me your name and have no fear,  How cold it grows when the sun has set... 

YOUNG COSETTE I’m not afraid.  Monsieur, my name’s Cosette. 

VALJEAN Nor will you be afraid again,  I come to take you from this place,  There is a better world, you’ll see.

YOUNG COSETTE Give me your hand, and walk with me.

VALJEAN and YOUNG COSETTE La lalalalala la la!


  • This song does not appear on any of the English recordings, including the Complete Symphonic Recording. However, it does appear on the Japanese recording as well as the 2012 movie Extended Soundtrack.
  • The original version of The Well Scene was longer, giving Cosette the lines "I'm not afraid, monsieur, my name's Cosette" and "Give me your hand and walk with me...". It was also an exact reprise of Castle on a Cloud.
  • In some versions of The Well Scene (live onstage) Cosette sings or hums Castle on a Cloud as she goes through the woods, as well as in 2012 film.
  • In the International Cast Recording, the tune is hummed by Valjean and Cosette, and is repeated before and after "The Waltz Of Treachery".