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June 6, 1832 (aged 27)

Cause of Death

Shot at the barricades (novel and musical)


Musichetta (mistress; shared with Lesgle)


Member of Les Amis de l'ABC

Behind the scenes

Christopher Beck
Dougie Carter
Darryl Knock
Jamie Muscato
Chris McCarrell

Gabriel Sidney Brown
Hugh Skinner

Joly was best known as the malade imaginaire (hypochondriac) of Les Amis de l'ABC. A malade imaginaire student of medicine. Joly is described as the happiest of all of the Friends despite his eccentricity and hypochondria. He is called "Jolllly" with four L's, a pun on the English word "jolly". He has the habit of touching his nose with the tip of his cane, which shows he has a sagacious mind. The morning of June 5, Joly dines with Lesgle and Grantaire before joining his fellows in building the barricade, despite having a cold. Joly dies alongside the other insurgents on the barricade during the June Rebellion.

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Joly is a medicine student and a member of Les Amis de l'ABC. He is one of the revolutionary students, and is a sentry at the barricade during the revolution. The only two people who can persuade him out of his hypochondriasis are Bossuet and Musichetta. Although Joly is a happy, jolly person, his hypochondriasis makes him nervous and uncomfortable a lot of the time. At twenty-three, he believed himself to be chronically ill and spent his life looking at his tongue in the mirror. He asserted that man was magnetized like the needle of a compass and in his room he positioned his bed with the head facing south and the foot facing north so that at night the circulation of his blood would not be impeded by the great magnetic current between the two poles of the globe.

He is prone to panic attacks and often gets very worried. During thunder storms, he felt his pulse. All these young, maniacal, puny, merry incoherences lived in harmony together, and the result of him being eccentric and agreeable. His caring personality is evident when Gavroche went out of the barricade to fetch ammunition for he was one of the students who tried to convince Gavroche to come back.