Jean Prouvaire
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June 5, 1832

Cause of Death

Hostaged by the National Guardsmen and executed(novel)
Shot at the barricades (musical)


Member of the Les Amis de l'ABC

Behind the scenes

Leo Roberts
Peter Polycarpou
Fra Fee
Alistair Brammer
Jamie Muscato

Jean Prouvaire is a relatively friendly and beloved member of Les Amis de l'ABC.

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Like Enjolras, Jehan is an only child, from a rich family. Inevitably, everyone finds love for him in their hearts since it proves difficult to dislike him.

According to Hugo, Prouvaire chose the name Jehan because of his interest in the Middle Ages. He writes and reads poems, plays the flute, grows flowers, and ponders upon social questions. He dresses badly and although he is shy, he is also brave. He is executed by the National Guard after the being captured at the barricade, and his last words were: ""Vive la France! Long live France! Long live the future!"

He is devoted to the cause and is somewhat comfortable with the concept of death after digging deeper into what death truly is to him. Regardless, he is dedicated to the arms of his friends whom he so dearly loves and cherishes. Prouvaire is viewed to be the innocence within Les Amis de l’ABC. A reminder as to how men are still boys at heart with hopes and dreams. Regarding Enjolras, Jehan seems to be a reason worth fighting for. Without him, Les Amis de l’ABC would be merely just a group of men, fighting to get across their argument. Jehan is the bow on top of their general appearance. He makes them a whole.

In both musical and the 2012 film, Jehan is shot at the barricades, along with the other Les Amis members- instead of being executed as a hostage in front of the barricades by the National guardsmen. It is presumed he is shot with a musket or stabbed with a bayonet by the National Guard as he fends them off on the lower floor of the Corinthe, when they break in. He is last seen on the lower floor of the wine shop running to escape the National Guardsmen, but is presumably shot possibly alongside Lesgle. In the musical, his phantom spirit later appears amongst the other Amis behind Marius during 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables'


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