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Biographical information
Also Known As





c. 1803


June 6, 1832

Cause of Death

Executed by soldiers alongside Enjolras (novel, 2012 film, BBC mini series 2019), shot at the barricade (musical)


Father (probably mother)


Enjolras (Implied love interest)

Joly (Drinking Partner, Best Friend)


Member of Les Amis de l'ABC

Behind the scenes

Adam Linstead
Hadley Fraser
John Rapson
George Blagden
Anthony Crivello
Paul Azaïs
Alexandre Tamar
Joseph Spieldenner
Carlos Solano
Christian Edwards
Luke Joslin
Matt Moisey
Lasse Vermeli
Raymond Walsh

Grantaire is a member of Les Amis de l'ABC. He is best known for being the skeptic of Les Amis who believes in nothing, except Enjolras, who is his only reason for joining the society. An art student and skeptic with no interest in revolution. Grantaire is involved with the Friends of the ABC due to his friendship with its members and his admiration, veneration and love for Enjolras, who disdains him for his skepticism and drunkenness. He is noted to be extraordinarily ugly and a heavy drinker, and he sleeps through most of the fighting in the June Rebellion. Despite this, he eventually declares himself to be one of the insurgents and dies alongside Enjolras, hand in hand.


Grantaire is a skeptical man who is a part of Les Amis de l'ABC. Grantaire is knowledgeable and intelligent but has a skeptical outlook on life. He is constantly drunk as said by the novel. He was described as "unnaturally ugly" (or "frightfully ugly" and "inordinately homely" in some translations). Grantaire is also depicted as knowing all the best places to go to in Paris and is a boxer, gymnast, and dancer.

Unlike the other members of Les Amis de l’ABC, Grantaire does not believe in the causes that the group fights and dies for. The sole reason for his involvement with the revolutionary group is that he believes in Enjolras, the leader of Les Amis de l’ABC. Grantaire’s fixation to Enjolras is rooted in the leader’s passionate and wholehearted belief, which Grantaire lacks. Due to Grantaire's skepticism and near-constant state of drunkenness, his feelings for Enjolras are not reciprocated. Despite Enjolras treating him harshly, he looks up to Enjolras and saying "What a fine statue!". Grantaire, regardless of his feelings towards the cause, is a friend to the rest of Les Amis de l'ABC and valued for his easy-going nature and presumed friendliness.


Grantaire joins Joly and Bossuet at the Corinth on June 5, 1832 for breakfast. They drink heavily and are interrupted by Courfeyrac and the other Amis after Lamarque's funeral procession, and then Bossuet mentions to Courfeyrac that they should build the barricades outside the Corinth. Graintaire is scorned by Enjolras repeatedly and as a result, falls into a drunken stupor. The next morning, he awakens to find Enjolras about to be executed by the National Guard. Grantaire announces his support for the revolution, thereby condemning himself to die alongside Enjolras, asking him, "Do you permit it?" The two men exchange a smile and are killed holding hands.



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