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Biographical information
Also Known As

Father Fauchelevant
Father Fauvent




Ultime Fauchelevant (Valjean in disguise)


Gardener at the Quartier Saint Antoine at Paris

Behind the scenes

Stephen Tate
Paul Préboist

Fauchelevant is a character in Les Misérables. He is rescued by Jean Valjean in "The Runaway Cart" and later assists him to escape Javert under a false name.

He was a business rival of Valjean and was later forced to earn money as a carter.

One day, his horse broke two of its legs, and Fauchelevant fell underneath his cart and was stuck, which was sinking into the mud. Valjean, being exceptionally strong, crawled under the cart and lifted it off Fauchelevant, saving him from being crushed to death. However, this strength revealed to Javert that Jean Valjean was the mayor. After Fauchelevant recovered, Valjean procured him a job as a gardener at the Petit Picpus convent.

While escaping from Javert with Cosette, Valjean arrives at the same convent by climbing over the wall, where Fauchelevant recognizes him. Feeling indebted to Valjean, he housed him and Cosette. However, they could not risk being found after sneaking in, so they needed to exit the convent and be officially admitted. At the same time, one of the nuns had recently died and wanted to be buried under the altar, but it was illegal to keep bodies. Fauchelevant smuggled Valjean out of the convent in the coffin, under the guise of the dead nun, and Cosette in a basket. They were both later admitted into the convent, Valjean posing as Fauchelevant's brother Ultimus (who had died), and Cosette as Ultimus' granddaughter.