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Biographical information



June 6, 1832

Cause of Death

Thrusted with three bayonets to the chest (novel)
Shot at the barricades(musical)


The Guide of Les Amis de l'ABC

Behind the scenes

Paul Leonard
Adam Monley
Jonny Purchase
Jonathan Williams
Killian Donnelly
David Bardsley
Christian Benedetti
Zephen Bowsky Williams

Combeferre (pronounced: Kombe-faire) is considered second in command of Les Amis de l'ABC and is regarded to be an important figure.


Combeferre does not share quite as much passion as Enjolras himself does, though his caring for the freedom of the people is quite extensive. Combeferre is the philosopher of Les Amis de l'ABC and is much of a book reader to his own pleasure. He is considered soft spoken, though he does not hesitate to ensure his opinion is placed upon the table. Many look to him as the stem of innocence due to his demeanor, which stretches so far from what everyone else displays in their personality. Nevertheless, he is proven an excellent and knowledgeable leader.

He believes in the concept of peace and more so desires to handle their situation in a civilized manner. Either way, he himself is willing to take the bullet when the time comes. Death is a fearsome subject and he seems rather put off when others speak of the day of revolution, but there is no doubt to himself that he is devoted to the cause of justice to improve the future that is held for France. Without question to it, Combeferre is an innocent man with well intent and a brave heart just as so many others.

At the barricade, Combeferre is killed by a bayonet while assisting a wounded soldier, and was able to do no more than look up to the sky before he died.

In the 2012 film, his death was altered and he was one of the last Les Amis members to die shortly after the barricade fell; CourfeyracJoly and Combeferre were shot when the National guardsmen fired into the ceiling from the first floor.