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Biographical information



June 6, 1832

Cause of Death

Thrusted with three bayonets to the chest (novel)
Shot at the barricades(musical)


The Guide of Les Amis de l'ABC

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Paul Leonard
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David Bardsley
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Zephen Bowsky Williams
Nathaniel Baker

Combeferre (pronounced: Kombe-faire) is considered second in command of Les Amis de l'ABC and is regarded to be an important figure.


Compared to Enjolras, who represents the logic of the revolution, Combeferre represents its philosophy. He is said to "complete and correct" Enjolras as he embodies the humanity and natural right of the revolution.

He is strongly idealistic, "even to chimeras," as his friends say. His motto is "the good must be innocent." Unlike his friends who are excited by the prospect of revolution, Combeferre would prefer to allow natural progress to take its course, though he is not necessarily opposed to fighting. An intellectual, he loves learning and is interested in many areas of study, and is excited by new scientific and technological advances which he believes will improve the condition of the human race. He is also an advocate for education, declaring that "the future lies in the hands of the schoolmaster." He is implied to be a proto-socialist.

Combeferre is an eloquent speaker and known for his witty remarks. He delivers a speech at the barricade and implores the men to consider how the lives of their families will be affected if they die. In the speech, he mentions being a house-surgeon at Necker Hospital.

He is stated to have influenced Enjolras's worldview by gradually bringing him closer to the greater ideals of progress, rather than just the ideals of the French Revolution.

At the barricade, Combeferre is killed by three bayonet thrusts while assisting a wounded soldier, and was able to do no more than look up to the sky before he died.

In the 2012 film, his death was altered and he was one of the last Les Amis members to die shortly after the barricade fell; CourfeyracJoly and Combeferre were shot when the National guardsmen fired into the ceiling from the first floor.