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hi lol

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Wessa-or-Jessa? Wessa-or-Jessa? 11 June 2019








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LesAmis LesAmis 26 November 2017

Favorite Enjolras and Grantaire

  1. Which Enjolras and Grantaire are your favorite?
  2. For me it goes
  3. Matt Shingledecker
  4. Aaron Tveit
  5. Hadley Fraser
  6. Killian Donnelly
  7. Ramin Karamillo

My favourite Grantaire is Matt Moisey George Blagden Hadley Fraser

[[https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ltv_URGi_A4/maxresdefault.jpg http://stagedoordish.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Ramin-and-Hadley-eR-colour.jpg]]


q=tbn:ANd9GcS60VlGQsZ5s_E-VhhG-KD2VHEFIPNfZAbiCBliR8Bax2SPUIUM [[2]] rect=0,0,14173,14173&q=98&fm=jpg&fit=max&w=320&h=320

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LesAmis LesAmis 26 November 2017

Join the Les Amis!

Bonjour Les Ami!

I am starting a Group (The Les Amis de L'ABC)

And am looking for member.

Will you join in our Crusad? Will you be strong and stand with me? Behind the long to see? Then, join the Les Amis

Everyone is welcome

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 22 November 2015


After being away for almost a year (Perhaps more, I had to move house, then family stuff happened) I have finally found time to return to the Wiki I call home, and shall do everything within my power to make up for the lost time!!!!

Within this last year, I was finally able to the Les Miserables cast live in Australia, and was able to sit in the balcony seats too! Might I say, that the performance was sensational, and the day in which I saw it was easily the greatest day of my life (Including my own birth). I was also able to grab a limited edition Les Miserables Aus Shirt (Which is now my prised possesion possession) and a poster, which I later had framed. Waitng outside the theatre after the peformance, I also caught a glimpse of the Lead…

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 17 January 2015

Help on the phantom of the opera wiki

Any of you mizzies phantomites as well? The phantom of the opera wiki is shockingly under developed, and I plan to help change that, but there aren't many contributors there, so I am here to gather a few. The link to the wiki is below: http://phantomoftheopera.wikia.com/wiki/Phantom_Wiki I hope to see some familiar faces there soon! Just comment so I can run counts please.

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 3 November 2014

Sequels to classic books

Well, I was on amazon.com the other day, searching for les miserables merchandise, when I found a book heralded as Les Miserables 2, known as cosette, or a time of illusions. It Is supposedly the story of Marius and cosette after Valjeans passing, in a world here Thenardier stays in France and saves javerts life. It is also a sequel to the musical instead of the book, and was written in the 1980's, obviously by a different author. Is the book good? I don't know, but most reviews deny it, but I plan to read it anyway. I understand that due to the books age, it is now without copywrite and anyone can make a sequel or prequel or whatever they like, but do you think it's fair for someone to add to a classic series like this? I don't, but lega…

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 14 October 2014

Judicial View

Do you think that 'Ponine deserved the terrible life she had? Depressed, starving, stealing and wandering through the world without purpose half her life, and the other was spent chancing after Marius, who "Never saw her there". As she dies in the book (tome IV chapter 13 I think) , she is dying at the back barricade after sacrificing herself for Marius. A) Marius didn't even notice her sacrifice B) Marius didn't care for her sacrifice until he realised it was her C) she calls out to him from the grown and he doesn't recognise her voice. It's rather sad how Marius only cared about Eponine after she died. I guess he didn't know what he had until it was gone. Yes, she stole. Yes, she was partially responsible for Valjeans Capture by the th…

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 6 October 2014


Just finished watching the les miserables 10th anniversary special edition yesterday again, and it was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! About to watch the bonus disc soon, aka, and hour of special featuresssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! I personally think that this cast was and is the best les miserables cast I have seen in a while, (I say seen because I wasn't alive to see it in concert, and have only listened to it in audio, having trouble finding it in DVD)

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 25 September 2014

A Day Of Emile

Alas, after a month of waiting, I finally have wifi. Now more wifi hotspots for me! I can wiki in the privacy of my own home now atlast!I shall now use my blog more often, and probably just randomly do stuff like today (because I am divergent and I cannot be controlled). Probably not going to stick to my previous guideline, just randomly do stuff, till then EMILE JAVERTTTTTTT

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 18 August 2014

Preview From My First Review.

Over the next few weeks, I will be creating reviews for the blog part of my profile. I shall have a few clues, one a day, to slowly hint at who the review shall be. These could be quotes or riddles or links or pictures, only I know what they mean, and it's up to you to work them out. Each week, I shall give you 7 quotes, and each one will reveal a new mystery. Day 1 is the franchise, day two the characters, day three year, day four for the picture(might be blurred to make it harder), day five for the plot and day six shall be the big reveal. To begin, the quote. Not a long one, but meh. Which is book is this a quote from. It's a long one, but has a massive clue in the middle.

I shall blur our one of the characters names, to make it a littl…
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EmileJavert EmileJavert 14 August 2014

First Blog

First time Blogger And Wikier here, and I am not really going to blog often, so it's probably going to be a once-a-month-if-that-thing, bit here it goes.

This month I am going to list my favourite interpretations of the Victor Hugo Novel Les Miserables, and in order, each week I might give a few reasons why I like or dislike 'em. But today is just going to be the list, here goes nothing: 1) Les Miserables 1988 International Cast Recording 2) Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert 3) Les Miserables Original Victor Hugo Novel 4) Les Miserables Original London Cast 5) Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert 6) Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette Anime 7) Les Miserables 2012 Movie 8) Les Miserables 1957 Movie 9) Les Miserables 1934 Movie 10)Les Mise…

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EmileJavert EmileJavert 14 August 2014

Alright Guys!

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Ashley Brown Ashley Brown 17 May 2014

Differences in some of the cast for Les Miserables

I seem to have discovered the difference in the cast of Les Miserables. Some would feel that it's right for the cast, while others feel that this or that person shouldn't be in the film.

Lennie James as Enjolras is one that stood out, it's a first for me to see one who is African American taking on a role that most who are white would have. But farther down the line, their are others who are in the movies or play version who stand out as well.

Three cast members for both the play and 2012 version of Les Miserables got me curious as to who the cast would be. Looking back at who did play work, Nick Jonas as Marius did well with the play version, but having Samantha Barks as Éponine was what made it better. When it came to the movie version, Samantha had…

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Ashley Brown Ashley Brown 14 April 2014

anime, anime, and more anime...Les Miserables

Just when I thought I was able to relax...Search engine hits me again:

Is this Thénardier?

I would continue to post more photos. But to give everyone a chance to have the jaw dropped and to post questions would be more appropriate. I have had to create a Les Miserables photo to keep up with the photos that I was looking for and for the photos that I found.

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Ashley Brown Ashley Brown 8 April 2014

So upset and angry at the same time

I feel so angry and upset right now. I could just quit on everything. I've been praying and hoping that I would find photos of when Marius was at either the barricade or at Lamarque Funeral for the 1998 version. What do I get: Not only a picture of Marius onto of the carriage, but also Jean Valjean carrying him through the sewers. I'm so up their between angry and upset right now. The search engines need to come clean and give me what I'm looking for or I'm going to freak out.

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JJ nonjetplane JJ nonjetplane 30 March 2014

Singing in the Rain

I want to do what Eponine did in the film/musical... I want to sing in the rain over this crush who is not really interested in me. I've been waiting for the perfect day and the perfect moment where I'm alone and could sing at the top of my lungs in my strange contralto/Mezzo (I'm in both ranges) voice On My Own or Parade by Jordin Sparks... Just something sad/fiesty.

But I missed it. Yesterday was the perfect day. 

The boy was close to me two days ago while we worked at a retreat for some younger kids in our school. He stood near me, sat so close to me our legs brushed, and were were in a tight pantry together. We argued, we always argue, but I wasn't angry with him (for once). And he wasn't mad at me either, I could tell. We just shouted about…

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HearingThePeopleSing HearingThePeopleSing 7 March 2014

The Cast Complaints

I am a passionate fan of Les Mis, especially in the musical. There are few words to descrube just how it changed my life. But while surfing through as many versions as possible of Les Mis, one thing has started to make me very irritated.

People complaining about the movie cast (in particular, Russell Crowe). Chose any Les Mis video that's popular and you will find complaints. Why? I do not see why Russell Crowe was so bad. In fact, he's my second favorite Javert. Very few Les Miserables fans I've come across have liked his performance.

To be frank, while Norm Lewis is still my favorite Javert, I like Crowe's performance of "Stars" better. His voice is actually pretty good, and he's very passionate in his role. While most fans complain that C…

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HearingThePeopleSing HearingThePeopleSing 6 March 2014

Non-Singing Cast?

What is your favorite non-singing Les Mis cast? This can include any favorites from any adaptation, no matter when they are from or what language the adaptation was in.

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Ashley Brown Ashley Brown 2 February 2014

Éponine & Gavroche Thénardier

Having read both the book and seen Les Miserables, their were times when I thought: Are their any siblings sharing the same issues with in this time frame. But I did find the siblings in Éponine & Gavroche Thénardier. What I found that was odd was while Époninie was allowed to stay with the family, Gavroche was kicked out anf forced to live with others to survive.

Gavroche seemed to run the area of Paris, Inspector Javert was around to administor a punishment.

What was annoying to me was certain things that did and didn't happen in the book, but happened in the movie. One being, is that Eponine and Gavroche never established that they were siblings. The other being, Eponine died in both books and 2012 movie, but when it came to Gavroche. It wa…

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Ashley Brown Ashley Brown 2 February 2014

Marius: Why I don't like him in the books!

Normally, I tend to hate the bad characters in a book/movie. From Hating the Slyherin House, the Dursleys, and Voldemorts crew, to the Volturi coven in Twilight. Their was not a character that I thought was annoying in a book or movie unless I really felt that urge to. When I read the Les Miserables book, I thought "Okay, I'm probably going to dislike: Inspector Javert, Thénardiers, and the police." But while reading the book, I read the section on Marius and was like "What a douches bag. Such an idiot for doing these things." I get the fact he refused to live the proper life with his grand father, it's like how every barrel has it's bad apple, theirs often times a "Black Sheep," within the family. Marius in the book version, was that black …

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LennonBaggins LennonBaggins 11 October 2013

Notre-Dame de Paris

Hello! Is there anyone who likes Notre-Dame de Paris book and/or musical? I need some help, because I've just created NDDP Wiki, and I don't have pages too much, actually I'm only person on this wiki, so if you like Notre-Dame and would like to help in editing and creating an articles, please join us!


I would be very gratefull.

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LennonBaggins LennonBaggins 2 October 2013


Now a short blog post. To be precise, I just wanted to explain one thing. Perhaps it may seems strange that I have Cosette photo on my banner because I wrote I don't like her too much. When I joined this wiki I haven't finished book yet, and I liked Cosette from the musical and movie. And I think Amanda is very pretty by the way :). When I finished the novel I really disliked Marius and Cosette, they annoyed me, although they were positive characters. After all, my banner wasn't changed.

And you? Do you like Cosette and Marius (in movie and novel)? Because I liked them in the movie/musical.

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LennonBaggins LennonBaggins 22 September 2013

Les Mis

So I decided to write my first blog post... I'm sure I won't write anything important, or new, but I'm going to tell you my opinion about Les Miserables.

At first, how I heard about it and when? Not a long time ago, last year actually. Of course I knew Victor Hugo's name and there was a book like this. But I've met the story during my french lessons, when we had culture's lessons. I liked it, but I haven't known yet it became one of my favourite books and movies after my beloved Lord of the Rings. I watched the movie the first time with my school class. I really enjoyed the movie so much (I didn't expect it) that I went to the cinema for the second time with my family. The more I watched Les Mis, the more I liked it. Everything: acting, mus…

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ButAJubilantShout ButAJubilantShout 15 July 2013

Bahorel, Bossuet, Feuilly, and Joly.

I personally think they should have made more scences with those characters. I would have loved it if they had the scence when Joly tells Bahorel about Musichetta, and Bahorel recomends doeskin trousers. They could have made a scene about Bosuet's bad luck, or him and Joly talking! Atleast Feuilly has a line in the movie, (something about the gunpowder.) It would have been amazing if they had flashbacks during Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, instead of Marius crying. I mean come on! They died, and Marius survived. He can have screentime later. That is the end of my little rant. Have a nice day!

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THOR66 THOR66 14 June 2013

ahh my fingers hurt so bad i ve been working so hard on this wiki id like to put in a adminstration if thats ok

please they hurt so bad

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THOR66 THOR66 14 June 2013

Iam New here but iam in love with this musical

i hope to get to know yu all

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TheEpicmanLives12 TheEpicmanLives12 15 May 2013

Love this place.

Hi all,

This forum is one that I have visited regulary for the past couple of months and this I now think this is the time to join formally and help run it. I love Les Mis, having read the book, watch the musical, the film, listen to the soundtracks, I feel I will be a good addition here. Thanks for having me!

Peace out!

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PrincessDaydream77 PrincessDaydream77 12 April 2013

My Les Miserables Fanfictions


Firstly, I absolutely love Les Mis. I fell in love with it when I saw the film and have now been selected to play Eponine Thenardier, my favourite character, in my drama group's production of the musical.

I love it so much that I started to write fanfictions about it. These are some of them;

A Ray of Hope -  This story is about what would have happened if Eponine had had a daughter before she died on the barricades, and after she died, she left her daughter in Marius' care. Not Eponine/Marius.

A Heart Full of Love Beats On - This story is about what would have happened if Eponine had survived the barricade, and Marius began to fall in love with the girl he'd thought he'd lost. Eventually Eponine/Marius.

If you like the sound of either of th…

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MomoMimi MomoMimi 2 April 2013

Is the play better than the movie?

Have you ever thought about this, is the play Les Miserables better than the 2012 movie version of Les Miserables. play is good  because it better perception of the musical and you really get inside the music. It also has better signing. But the movie has better acting and it has a better perception of the backgroud, it also has more deails, for exemple the fight in the barracade, the fight was very realistic.

I think that the movie is better, because it has my favorite actress(Anne Hathaway) and it's just amazing with the music and the details with enviromentof the 2nd French Revolution.

What do you think, is the play or the 2012 movie version of Les Miserables better?

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MustKillZombies MustKillZombies 22 March 2013

Painful Facts about Les Mis

So there are some things that I just realized after I read, watched both musical and film of Les Mis that I have put together some painful facts that I want to share you guys. It's going to be a lot but I hope it will be worth it. Me and my bestfriend compiled these painful truth.

I am serious when I said it's gonna be painful!! I actually cried realizing these... If you read the novel, watched the musical and film altogether, you would understand the pain that I am dealing right now!!!

  • Fantine: "If there's a God above. He'd let me die instead.".... He did.
  • Jehan (Jean Prouvaire) died  without any of his friends by his side.
  • Gavroche: "So you better run for cover when the pup grows up!"... the pup never grew up.
  • Javert was born alone, grew up alon…
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Ussia4 Ussia4 19 March 2013

My favourite character

My favourite charachter is absolutly Eponine. In my opinion Eponine is strong, young lady. Nevertheless the fact that she had bad parents she has grown into a good girl. She tryed to be a good gril. Her love to Marius was strong, beautiful and uncondicional. And the sadest thing in her story is that the happiest moment in her life was her own death. 

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Euphrasie Euphrasie 9 March 2013

The Snake in the Grass

Inspector Javert, as we know him has been a very complicated character and I strongly believe that. Many of you may think of him as the vile and cruel police man but I am here to prove that whoever may think he is the "Snake in the Grass" might have misunderstood him.

Javert is the law. He makes sure every citizen is abiding the rules. In other words he is very obsessed with the law. But we must know that Javert is doing the right thing. Javert said "Mine is the way of the Lord." Which means that he praises the Lord and that he is trying to make everyone to do the right thing even if it leads to obsession.

He thinks that he is doing what the Lord wants him to do. He never did no wrong. He was doing the right thing but he is just so obsessed …

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Bloobalooby Bloobalooby 9 March 2013

The Thenardiers

The Thenardiers were very vague in the musical. They did not include Azelma or the two younger sons of Monsier and Madame Thenardier. It was also unclear if Gavroche was even part of the family or not. I think this is because 'Zelma really did not have an important in the book anyway. Same with her two younger brothers. If some of you disagree with me, i'm sorry, but this is based only on my opinion. And Gavroche, well I don't think the audience needs to know if he was actually a Thenardier or not. But in the book, it said that Gavroche was part of the Jondrette family and the Jondrette family is actually the Thenardiers. They only showed Eponine, Thenardier and Madame Thenardier because they had significant roles. Thank you!

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Ninja Fionna (Fionnafan) Ninja Fionna (Fionnafan) 7 March 2013

Hi guys!

Hey people!

This is just additional stuff about me (I know we should leave those stuff in your profile but heck, im too lazy :P)

IDK I like them all!

  1. Marius
  2. Thenardiers (The whole family)
  3. Enjolras
  4. Grantaire
  5. Cosette
  6. Jean Valjean (Who wouldn't?)
  7. Fantine; and finally
  8. Javert

One day More and Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

P.S Mods and admins, please dont delete this blog. Im just too lazy :P

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Bloobalooby Bloobalooby 22 February 2013

My thoughts about Eponine

First of all, I think Eponine had a pretty rough life, yet she was unafraid. That gives all the reason to adore her. Her death was very tragic although beautiful. She was finally in the arms of the man she loves but never loved her back. And she even got shot in her hand and back (chest in the musical) to save Marius. That was probably the most beautiful part in the movie. It had me bursting into tears! Yes, she was spoiled when she was a child and she mistreated Cosette with her sister Azelma, but what is she now? A ragged waif. I don't see any reason to hate Eponine. It was sad to see her walking down the streets of Paris singing about how there is no hope for her and Marius. I think Eponine and Marius should be together. I believe Eponi…

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My Thoughts on the Movie

By a mile Eponine has always been my favorite character. And the fact she was played by Samantha just adds on 100 more reasons to like her. I have followed Samantha since she came third in I'd Do Anything, and had hoped she would come back into the spotlight some how. I am kinda pissed that she didnt get her name in any of the TV adds, as I do feel Eponine plays a greater part than both Fantine and Cosette, but I am glad she got this chance. I feel she played the movie well, and just showed the rough emotion needed to play Eponine. I was almost in tears when she died, and thought A Little Fall of Rain was done perfectly. Kinda wished they hadnt cut that song.

Now onto my second favorite character. Fantine was not actually one of my favorite…

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Ericamorgan Ericamorgan 25 January 2013

My thoughts on Fantine

My dear Cosette, 

    My darling, you are the best thing that God has ever-gave to me, i've cherished every-day that you gave me when you were in my company, your father left me flat, his name was Felix Tholomyes, i thought he was the love of my life, so i know that you will find me a very cruel mother for telling you all of this, but it's was i wanted to tell you for a long time now i just waited tooo long to tell you the truth about your life and how you got her, 


your loving mother Fantine 

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Katerinayoda Katerinayoda 24 January 2013

10th anniversary contest

Eponine is shown to be friends with Marius. That is not true. She is also known to have no siblings. In reality, she has a sister, Azelma, and three brothers, Gavroche, and two unamed small ones. Madame Thenadier dies in jail, but the musical does not show that. Azelma is not even shown in the musical.

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XD1 XD1 19 December 2012

Les Misérables: Review Roundup

Tom Hooper's adaptation of Les Misérables is almost here! After months of speculation, we can finally experience Hooper's vision and unique approach, but how good is the movie, according to the critics?

So far, the critics seem to be a bit on the fence about the movie, as it has a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 71% ("Fresh"), but a Metacritic score of only 55/100 ("Mixed or average reviews"). Here's what some of the critics have to say:

  • 1 Loved It
    • 1.1 Time Out New York
    • 1.2 Total Film
    • 1.3 San Jose Mercury News
    • 1.4 Boxoffice Magazine
    • 1.5 Variety
  • 2 Thought it was just "okay"
    • 2.1 Associated Press
    • 2.2 Entertainment Weekly
  • 3 Hated It
    • 3.1 Slant Magazine
    • 3.2 Hollywood Reporter
  • 4 Wikian Reviews

Score: 80/100
Russell Crowe's pained vocal stylings (they sound more like barks) …

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Porterfield Porterfield 20 September 2012

Behind the Scenes of Les Mis

Anxiously counting down the days until the new Les Mis film is released is like counting down the days to Christmas. The closer it gets, the less we sleep! Conveniently, these countdowns go hand in hand as both events fall on December 25th! That's only 96 more days from the time I write this.

So far, the only morsels of information and media we've been able to savor have been the announcement of the cast (Magnifique!) and the release of the the first trailer and a featurette with Eddie Redmayne (Incroyable!). Finally, we have been given something even more juicy. Hold on to your caps, because the following extended first look is about to blow you away....

As you've learned, the production of this musical film is unprecedented. If you weren'…

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