Charles-François-Bienvenu Myriel
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Bishop Myriel
Monseigneur Bienvenu
Bishop of Digne



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Blue (film)

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Old Age


Unnamed General (brother)
Unnamed Prefect (brother)
Baptistine (sister)


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Behind the scenes

Adam Linstead
Ken Caswell
Norman Large
Frank Moore
James Chip Leonard
Paul Monaghan
Earl Carpenter
Peter Vaughan
Otto Sander
Christian Alfred Ranke
Lars Erik Sørbotten
Colm Wilkinson

Jean Valjean, my brother, you no longer belong to evil, but to good. It is your soul I buy from you; I withdraw it from black thoughts and the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God.Myriel to Valjean[1]

Bishop Myriel (also known as Monseigneur Bienvenu) is the Bishop of Digne. His great kindness serves as a main driving force behind Jean Valjean's change of heart.


According to the novel, the Bishop is short in stature and somewhat plump, though he exercises frequently by taking long walks around his gardens, so he is in good shape. In his later years, he does not look visibly aged despite his having white hair. At the very end of his life, he is blind.


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Throughout the novel, the Bishop is portrayed as being a holy man whose only purpose in life is to better the lives of those around him. Willing to put his life at risk for the good of others, the Bishop hardly ever expresses worry, as demonstrated when he is quite content with walking through a bandit-ridden forest in order to spread the good word. He does, however, care very deeply for those who worry about him and does his best to comfort their fears.


Act I

Act II

List of Portrayers


  • Ken Caswell – Original London cast
  • Norman Large – Original Broadway cast
  • Frank Moore – Original Canadian cast
  • Paul Monaghan – 10th Anniversary concert
  • José Antonio López Tercero 2002 – Commissioning Mexican scene
  • James Chip Leonard – 2006 Broadway revival
  • Christian Alfred Ranke / Lars Eriks Sørbotten – 2007 Norwegian Revival Production
  • Earl Carpenter – 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2
  • Andrew Love – 2013 Toronto cast
  • Manuel Gorka – 2018 México City Cast


  • George Moss – 1917 film
  • Paul Jorge – 1925 film
  • Henry Krauss – 1934 films
  • Cedric Hardwicke – 1935 film
  • Massimo Pianforini – 1948 film
  • Edmund Gwenn – 1952 film
  • Fernand Ledoux – 1958 film
  • Aldo Silvani – 1964 mini-series
  • Finlay Currie – 1967 mini-series
  • Ángel Garasa – 1973 series
  • Claude Dauphin – 1978 film
  • Louis Seigner – 1982 film/1985 mini-series
  • Peter Vaughan – 1998 film
  • Otto Sander – 2000 mini-series
  • Colm Wilkinson – 2012 film


  • The actual Bishop of Digne during the time period in which Myriel's appearance in the novel is set was Bienvenu de Miollis (1753-1843). He served as Victor Hugo's model for Myriel.
  • "Bienvenu" in French means "welcome."[2]
  • In the musical, Bishop Myriel is usually credited as "Bishop of Digne."
  • Wilkinson, who portrays the Bishop, played Valjean in the musical at the West End and Broadway, and reprised his role as Valjean at the 10th Anniversary Concert.


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