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Bamatabois (pronounced: Bam-ah-tah-bwah) is a minor character in the novel Les Misérables. An arrogant, malicious, sadistic, bigoted and extravagant bully, he is a young but callous dandy who demands to buy Fantine's services as a prostitute, even after several refusals. He insists, saying "it's not for the whore to say yes sir or no sir" to which she replies "even a whore won't be had by a rat" and strikes him defensively. He calls for the police and claims she attacked him unprovoked. This was the very reason why Fantine was almost arrested by Inspector Javert, but she is later saved by Jean Valjean.

In the stage production, he later is part of Thénardier's gang as they plan to rob Valjean's house.

He also appears in the musical and the 2012 film.

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