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Azelma Thénardier
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Eye Color

Green (anime)

Hair color

Auburn (book and anime)




Monsieur Thénardier (father)
Madame Thénardier (mother)
Éponine (older sister)
Gavroche (younger brother)
Two unnamed younger brothers

Behind the scenes

Azelma Thénardier is a minor character in Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables. She is the youngest daughter and second-born child of Monsieur and Madame Thénardier.


Along with her older sister Éponine, Azelma is spoiled as a child and mistreats Cosette, but suffers from the same ragged and impoverished fate with her family when she is older. She also participates in her father, Thénardier's schemes. She does not appear much, but she is shown to be close with Éponine.

From left to right: Cosette, Éponine, and Azelma as toddlers as they appear in the anime

Unlike Éponine, Azelma is not independent. She also does not show any defiance towards her father (this is evident when, before Jean Valjean and Cosette’s charitable visit, Thénardier orders her to punch a windowpane in their apartment in order to look poorer. Although she is hesitant at first, she does so, resulting in cutting her hand). After the failed robbery of Valjean, she is not seen again until Marius and Cosette’s wedding day, when she and Thénardier are dressed up as "masks" for the Mardi Gras, and she follows Valjean under her father's orders.

At the end of the novel, Azelma and her father are the only known surviving members of the Thénardier family and both travel to the United States of America together where Thénardier becomes a slave trader in New Orleans

List of Portrayers[]


  • Jaqueline Fermez - 1934 film (uncredited)
  • Maxine Cook - 1935 film (uncredited)
  • Yvonne Décade - 1958 film
  • Catherine Di Rigo - 1982 film
  • Veronika Bendová - 1998 film (Note: Azelma only appears as a child in this film.)
  • Julie Dumas - 2000 mini-series (uncredited)
  • Chihiro Yarita - Shōjo Cosette 2007 anime
  • Amani Johnson and Isabelle Lewis - 2018 mini series


  • Denise Mellot - 1934 film (uncredited)
  • Mary Adler - 1935 film (uncredited)
  • Isabelle Lobbe - 1958 film
  • Corinne Dacla - 1982 film
  • Sophie Milleron - 2000 mini-series
  • Kurumi Mamiyo - Shōjo Cosette 2007 anime
  • Alex Jarrett - 2018 mini series