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The 2008 Vancouver youth production was performed in between June 5 (in honor of the revolution) and June 19 2008. It was put on by a children's
theater troupe by youth aged ten to eighteen. Two actors portrayed each of the major roles.

The production lasted two weeks, and collected money that went to a local homeless charity.


In order of appearance

  • Jean Valjean: Peter Avsenick, Jason Widdrington
  • Javert: Justin Andrus, Jack Wood
  • Fantine: Emma Giroux , Molly McIlwraith
  • Little Cosette: Tanaz Gara, Madison Mojarab
  • Madame Thénardier: Maria Ghassemi , Marianne Mendez-Percivale
  • Young Éponine: Chloe Finlay, Margie Morgan
  • Monsieur Thénardier: Aaron Alimena, Giovanni Wortsman
  • Gavroche: Conrad Adams, Stephan Zanatta
  • Marius: Adam Akerewusi, Sean Wren
  • Enjolras: Michael Ades, Raphael Yiu
  • Éponine: Jackie Finkelstein, Ellie Nestico
  • Cosette: Heather Garbutt, Kaitlin Moher

Ages of Cast Members (outside of opening night) Edit

  • Jason Widdrington: Seventeen
  • Justin Andrus: Eighteen
  • Molly McIlwraith: Eighteen
  • Tanaz Gara: Ten
  • Marianne Mendez-Percivale: Seventeen
  • Margie Morgan: Eleven
  • Giovanni Wortsman: Seventeen
  • Conrad Adams: Thirteen
  • Adam Akerewusi: Fifteen
  • Raphael Yiu: Sixteen
  • Ellie Nestico: Sixteen
  • Heather Garbutt: Seventeen


Note: all these images come from the opening night performance on June 5th, 2008.